Taxes : How to report his earnings forex

The gains made on the foreign exchange market, as well as any income, moreover, are subject to tax on the income of French. When your annual return, it will be necessary to mention all of the amounts collected through this activity. How to do it ? This is what we will see today. The tax […]

The Treasury and the stock Exchange are at the time of the Blockchain

The technology Blockchain, the underlying crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, is a lot about it for eighteen months, and even the Treasury is very interested in the phenomenon: the technology of storage and transmission of information, functioning as a large register digital decentralized (Distributed Ledger Technology or DLT in English), contains a great potential for trade […]

The Smart Lawyer, you know ?

It is important that you know your rights to better advocate for them. You live in a mobile world, and fast where you need the information certified. Smart Lawyer is a service made for you ! Ask your question directly on your Smartphone and you will get a response certified by a lawyer expert. You […]