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Nearly a year after its entry into force, on January 1, 2017, the divorce without a judge continues to be debated. In a draft opinion released Tuesday, October 24, on ” the consequences of separations parenting on children “, the economic Council, social and environmental (Cese) ” deplores that such an amendment could enter into […]

Divorce, when children are manipulated

. . . When the separation of the parents is highly conflictual, the children are all too often forced to take sides with one of their parents. They are then immersed in a conflict of loyalty that weighs on their mental development and emotional development. The denigration of the other parent, the tears during separations, […]

The Smart Lawyer, you know ?

It is important that you know your rights to better advocate for them. You live in a mobile world, and fast where you need the information certified. Smart Lawyer is a service made for you ! Ask your question directly on your Smartphone and you will get a response certified by a lawyer expert. You […]