The sleepless nights caused by crying to repetition of a newborn and the extreme tiredness that follows, seriously endanger the couples, to such an extent that it would cause today a divorce on three.

We often think that the arrival of a child is the ultimate happiness for a young couple… But you may quickly become disillusioned. According to a survey conducted by experts from the University of Berkeley in California, a divorce on the three would be caused by the crying baby.

The nights of an infant are crucial in the development of the life of a couple and these are not the 30% of divorced because of the baby and its shrill cries that will tell you the opposite. 11% have even admitted to having already pretended to be asleep so that their spouse gets up and takes care himself of their child in tears.

Believe it or not but these parents permanently separated accuse the nights of hell as a trigger for their marital problems.

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