A 45 year-old male, claiming to be recognized as female in her civil status, has won the case before the TGI without an operation, a decision that is very rare and going against the jurisprudence of the Court of Cassation

The Tribunal de grande instance ordered that the December 20, the amendment of the act of birth, in this case the change of the mention of sex in his marital status.

This “transgender” and hormonal treatment to change its appearance has two children and works as an accountant is definitely recognized as a woman.

What is unusual in this case is that this amendment was granted without the person concerned(e) does not justify any surgical intervention.

In this area, the ministry of Justice had estimated in march 2010 that the “principle of the respect due to privacy justifies that the civil status indicates the sex of which the person has the appearance”.

“The operation of gender reassignment must not be systematically required when the applicant provides evidence that it has follow-up treatments, medical or surgical”, had clarified the department, after study of the case law, stating that it could be plastic surgery, or is it a “hormone therapy”, when the effect of the treatment is “irreversible” and that the change gives the person “a physical appearance and social behavior corresponding to the sex that he claims”.

The person on the case which the court is pronounced has always rejected the idea of any operation, in order to keep the entirety of his body.

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