A British four claims to be. He says he love to make love in a public place or challenge the limits of the acoustics during sex, letting go of the crees that do not leave room for doubt.


According to a survey by UKMedix, the sexual exhibitionism would be more common than we think. 26% of respondents said to be “exhibitionist sex”.

More than half of the British who call and claim to have loved to make love in public places.

One in three cries of “deliberately strong” during hugs. 10% engage in sexual pleasures “in group”.

What they like about this “sexual exhibitionism”, it is the “thrill” of it (66%).

When asked if they are already caught in “flagrante delicto”, 62% responded in the affirmative. 13% of them say they have been surprised by a member of their family…

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