Defender of rights: draft adopted

The Assembly has today adopted in the second reading of the two draft laws (organic and ordinary) creating the new authority of the human rights Defender. Not surprisingly, both texts were adopted during the vote solemn in the chamber, by 325 votes to 207 and 325 votes against 210, the majority voting for the opposition of the left against.

Provided for by the constitutional revision of July 2008, the human rights Defender will eventually bring together four independent authorities up until now: the Mediator of the Republic, Defender of children, the national Commission of security ethics (Cnds) and the Halde (High authority fighting against discrimination). The function of the Controller-general of places of deprivation of liberty that the vote of the deputies had, on first reading, included in the new entity, will maintain ultimately its autonomy.

The human rights Defender will be assisted by any number of”assistants” and “colleges” that there are areas of competence to its authority. Single among these deputies, the ombudsman for children is expected to retain its name for better readability.

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