The French justice has approved today the extradition to Italy, then to Germany, Olivier Karrer, president of the european Council children of divorce association, an association that defends the rights of divorced parents of a joint German as to the custody of their children.

The examining chamber of the court of appeal of Colmar has estimated that the procedural conditions were met to authorize the delivery of this Frenchman, 53-year-old to the judicial authorities of the two countries. Olivier Karrer was arrested on July 12 in Strasbourg, in the execution of a european arrest warrant.

This father himself divorced from a German woman who raises alone their son since 1999, was sought by the Milan prosecutors for complicity in the kidnapping in February 2010 in Munich, by an Italian, of the two children that she had had with a German.
The prosecutor’s office in Munich accuses him, on his side, in six cases similar, subtraction of children, aggravated assault and criminal conspiracy.

Taken by the police after the judgment of the house of the statement, the fifty-year-old has left burst its anger. “Seventy years after the Vel’ d hiv’, it starts all over again. It takes the children of others “, he shouted struggling.

“The magistrates have to apply the law of the Germans, and I am taken by the French police, as at the time “, he added. The divorces of couples franco-germans are the origin of many disputes between the two countries, the French parents accusing the German justice of focusing too systematically the interests of its nationals.

“The Jugendamt, German service of social assistance to children, defends the principle of maintaining the child in the country where it has been socialized, that is to say, Germany, on behalf of the interest of the child” declared in October 2011, the senator and mayor of Strasbourg Roland Ries, in a speech to the Senate.

“Therefore, in the case of separation of a franco-German couple, the German courts award almost always the parental authority to the German parent residing in German territory “, added the elected.

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