For several years, they have not reviewed their children remained in Germany, the homeland of their former spouse: throughout Europe, hundreds of parents, denounced the German procedures that they deem to be biased in matters of custody of children in divorces with dual nationality.


This record comes to be the subject of a critical report of the european Parliament. A French father, Olivier Karrer, is also held in Colmar, waiting to be extradited to Italy and Germany where he is accused of abduction of children.


For the past 12 years, Mr. Karrer denounces of presumed abuse germans in the matter, since his son Julian, then aged 4 years, was entrusted to his mother German. Since then, it has reviewed only at very rare occasions. He tried several times to bring it back to strength in France, and devoted himself to the association he has created to help the parents in her case.

Up to be accused of having organised the abduction of children for the account of others: like the Italian Marinella Colombo, who has taken his two children to their father in Bavaria in 2010. Of the facts to which he had been convicted in his country.

During his recent appearance before the court of appeal, Mr. Karrer said he was a victim of prosecution “policies” intended to “silence”. His theory: the German procedures are intended to “steal the children” in other countries, and to the germaniser, in order to compensate for the low birth rate in germany. The Court of cassation must say by the beginning of September, he must be extradited.

For the mep French Philippe Boulland (UMP), a member of the mission of inquiry of the european Parliament, the speech of Mr. Karrer “goes too far” and “undermines trust” a battle yet just.

An infernal machine

Most of the approximately 120 petitions since 2006 in Parliament to denounce the role of the Jugendamt, the German services of child protection. According to its critics, this body focuses almost systematically the German parent, and is in complete opacity.

“These officials are doing a very good job in 90% of cases. But when there is an error, an infernal machine goes into overdrive and you can’t go back, summarizes Mr. Boulland. This only happens with Germany, it is proof that there is a problem with this country.”

The problems begin when the German parent declares to the “Jugendamt” that he suspects the other parent want to take the child out of Germany. Only these suspicions, the service banned, but in emergency any contact between the parent and the child.

Marie Galimard-Geiss, a French 32 years old, has been well as remove custody of her children on the basis of suspicion expressed by her ex-husband. For long months, she was deprived of all contact with them. After a long and patient judicial combat, and because it is re-planted in Germany, it reviews now occasionally his 6 year old daughter. But his 9 year old son still refuses to see it.

Ms. Galimard moving away of the arguments of extreme Olivier Karrer, even if it “does not say that nonsense”. According to her, “it is rather a problem of mentality: for a German, it is obvious that a child cannot be happy that in Germany”.

The european Parliament, the elected German do not appreciate seeing their country and showed the finger and they tried to water down the report finally voted.

For the elected CDU (conservative) Peter Jahr, “of course there may be errors in any system can be improved”.

He rejects however the idea that there may be a “systematic policy or deliberate, to the disadvantage of foreign parents,” stressing that “the Jugendamt does not receive any instructions of the authorities, and that it is fine the way it is”.

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