Divorce : a procedure with two speeds

In order to allow a faster resolution and more complete requests for divorce,the law of 26 may 2004 reforming divorce procedure has profoundly altered the general economy of the divorce.

Thus,the average duration of divorce cases has decreased overall, from 13.3 months in 2004 to 11.6 months in 2010. That same year,half of the cases are processed in less than 5 months,against ten months before the reform. The gap is widening between the two types of procedures, with one side a strong acceleration of the procedure of the divorce parconsentement mutual,dontla average duration rose from 8.8 months in 2004 to 2.6 months in 2010, and the other a lengthening of the average duration of the divorce litigation, from 17.3 months in 2004 to 22.1 months in 2010.One-third of the length of divorce litigation is due to the reflection period left to the spouse, which is 8.2 months on average.

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