Divorce can actually be a great news for your marriage. Paradoxical ?

Not really, because the lovers who have already experienced the union of two are much better spouses. And if the divorce was the best thing that could happen to a marriage ?

It is, in substance, that said George Bernard Shaw, a british scientist. For this, he relies on a figure speaking. Only 31% of second marriages end in divorce, compared to 45% for first union. “The divorce is not the destruction of marriage but also the first condition of the maintenance of another,”-t-it in the columns of the Telegraph.

How to explain such a gap ? In reality, there are a lot of reasons to make it last as a marriage. And if the first fact often office laboratory, the second allows for spouses to be more seasoned to the problematic marriage.

Because a successful marriage, it takes work, love is not enough. The romance is of course very present, but the inexperience of the life and relationship of two is often the point of contention the biggest.

Those that we could call “seconds hands”, therefore, are more enlightened on what it takes for a marriage to work, because they have learned about the lives of two, and thus necessarily on them.

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