Divorce, when children are manipulated




When the separation of the parents is highly conflictual, the children are all too often forced to take sides with one of their parents.

They are then immersed in a conflict of loyalty that weighs on their mental development and emotional development.

The denigration of the other parent, the tears during separations, emotional blackmail, are all behaviors that can be observed in the case of separations of conflict.

These symptoms of a suffering adult are a burden on the children and are serious consequences for children.

Sometimes one of the parents (very often the one who has custody) influence the child in such a manner that it is caught in a conflict of loyalty.

The child is harassed to the point that it becomes unbearable for him to see the other parent.

To get out of this psychic conflict is intense and growing, the child can come to scratch one of the two parents in his life !

Some psychoanalysts believe that the decrease of the concept of fault in divorce, could explain this phase of parental alienation.

In other words, the children would become the issue which is not settled between the two ex-lovers in front of the judge for family affairs.

I do not share that opinion.

In fact, there is a strong fear of the imputation of a fault to one of the parents allows the parent alienating to justify the stronger the rejection of the child.

This would be the worst of scenarios.

All practitioners of family law to recognize the important work of communication must be undertaken in the separations.

Parents must learn not to confuse parental couple and conjugal couple !

Lawyer and mediator, these are our two missions in the interest of children and parents.

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