The French remain for seven years in their relationship, and twelve for the same employer, had been launched by the author of the Eulogy of the mobility, at a conference of the parliamentary UMP dismayed that while such a revelation. These statistics do not have been confirmed or by theIned, the French national Institute for demographic studies, nor by the Insee, but the trend is well highlighted is very real. To judge of the divorces in the Hexagon, it is obviously deceptive to report their number (130.601 pronounced in 2009) of the marriages contracted in the same year
(251.478). And you conclude that “more than one marriage in two ends in divorce”. This rate of “divorce”, an expression of the ministry of Justice, does not inform on the evolution of the behaviours. Demographers proceed otherwise. They re-enact, generation after generation, the fate of the unions. According to figures released by France Prioux, demographer at the Ined, 30% of registered marriages in 1970 ended in divorce, and this rate has continued to increase. It was 40% for the marriages contracted in 1986 and
43% of those married in the year 1992. The case of projections, said France Prioux, the only way to compare the journey, not yet completed, for generations as far as 1970 and 1992 .

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