Question : How to organize for the sharing of vacation of the children for the summer of 2016 ?

The principle

The principle is the principle of the equal sharing of school holidays between the parents.

The separated or divorced parents can agree on the modalities for the holidays (distribution, support, etc.) without having to refer the matter to a judge.

In the absence of agreement, it is the judgment of separation or divorce, that defines the rules of sharing a holiday.

To the end of the month of June 2016

– 3rd weekend : Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 (attention Sunday to the Feast of the Fathers)

 – 5th end of the week : there isn’t …

For the beginning of July 2016 :

– 1st weekend of the month of July : Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 July.

Date of the summer holidays 2016 : when to start?

To further complicate the lives of the parents, our technocrats have decided that the main school summer holidays will begin on Tuesday, July 5 in the evening (we don’t see this what will the kids on Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 July).

Thus, a count arithmetic requires an exchange Tuesday, August 2… but only if the parents are not able to find a better deal, such as the previous Saturday or next.

This may thus generate disputes when one parent has arranged his vacation from a Saturday !

In effect, what to do in case of a rental or an organized tour which are usually from Saturday to Saturday…

Conclusion and opinion

One solution, negotiate and find an agreement with the other parent.

Put your marital squabbling aside and think of the interest of your children !

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