First name “original”

A trendy, original, rare, regional… parents are investing so much in the name of their baby. But be careful in choosing it, for it is the child who will wear it all his life.

While Christiane, Jacqueline or Dominique were in numbers in the 1950s, are often just today the first names of three or four letters. Emma. Jade. Leah. The mode of the given names is short, dynamic, efficient. “We live in a time where everything is faster, one is in the bright, action. It is a bit of a reflection of society, technology “, evaluates to Stephanie Rapoport, author of the Official names 2011. In 1952, a masculine first name had an average of 6.5 letters, a female name of 7.8. In 2002, it is respectively passed to 5.9 and 6.1.

Again this year, Emma and Lucas should be the first name most given, who are in the top 3 of the Insee for the past ten years. They will go to school with a bunch of Enzo, Nathan, Jade and Leah, who come second and third.

“The sound plays a large role in the definition of the mode,” explains Stéphanie Rapoport. The parents dig the head to find a first name original, of which the sound appears friendly, and to disassociate more of the origin, the meaning and / or tradition. Thus, even if Emma is the girl’s name, the more given, only one in sixty births, while in 1900 the Mary accounted for a birth on eleven. The choice continues to expand, thanks to a return of the names are regional, with many spelling variants (of which there are 28 to Tiphaine !) or even the inventions.

Several american studies have also shown links sometimes surprising between a first name and become an individual. Thus, a same person will be perceived as more or less beautiful depending on whether one assigns a name to a dynamic or outdated. Children names the most common are getting better grades that those names are more scarce.

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