FIRSTNAME and business leaders, a study

A study by LinkedIn reveals the ranking of the first names of the business leaders represented on the famous B2B network. “Gilles, Olivier and Thierry” head in France, while “Peter, Bob and Jack” are the “winning trio” in the United States. This survey also highlights a correlation between the first name of the members and the sectors in which they work.

This study a little skewing was carried out by LinkedInsights, the service LinkedIn is charged with identifying ” the trends and models of the employment market that help professionals to achieve their career goals “. To produce these results, the team Linkedinsights has reviewed more than 100 million public profiles on LinkedIn, and then has provided a list of “first” names, which help to identify the most frequent within a population (country) or of a functional domain given (sector of activity).

Gilles, the first name of the CEO French “typical” on LinkedIn, The results are out the names of the business leaders (CEO) the most represented on Linkedin. In France, the first name Gilles is ahead of ” Olivier,
Thierry, François, and Marc “. In the United States, Peter, Bob and Jack form the top three male names, Deborah, Sally, and Debra being the three female first names most frequent.

The analysis does not stop there, since Linkedinsights has been able to identify a correlation between the given name of a business and the sector or functional area in which it works “.

“It was found that the business leaders as well as salespeople often have names short of the order of four letters, such as Jack or Fred. Conversely the engineers and professionals of the restoration tend to have names longer, of the order of six or more letters, like Rajesh, Jeremy or Philip, ” indicate analysts Linkedinsights.


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