Future repressive laws in SWITZERLAND against pedophiles

Read in the tribune de Genève

Children, women and men, mentally handicapped, at least 122 victims abused during twenty-nine years of professional activity in different homes specialist: the terrible array of hunting in the Bernese Hansjürg S., the greatest pedophile and sexual predator never identified in Switzerland, will not remain without result. Saturday, in the columns of the Neue Luzerner Zeitung, the swiss federal councillor Simonetta Sommaruga announced its intention to extend the prohibition of work of pedophiles convicted by the justice. She said, however, skeptical about the creation of a black list for pedophiles.

For the head of the federal Department of justice and police, this project is not a response to the case Hansjürg S. “This is a step already planned well before,” she said to the journalists of the NZZ am Sonntag. The revision of the penal Code, which defines a motion of the advisor to the national socialist genevese, Carlo Sommaruga, should be presented to the federal Council shortly before being put out for consultation. The author of a sexual offence on a minor may be prohibited in the future to be in contact with children, either as a professional or in a voluntary association, for example. And that the offence was committed in a professional context (the ban already exists) or in a private setting (new). Thus, a teacher who has abused children during the holidays could not carry in a school, or give private lessons or engage in a sports club. This was in addition to a follow-up criminal, with a guardian appointed by the judge.

The proposal of the Geneva is inspired by the solution adopted in Belgium after the Dutroux case. For Carlo Sommaruga, the goal is to fill in gaps in the monitoring of paedophiles convicted, and therefore to avoid the recurrence. “This implies an increased responsibility of the judge and a State responsibility in the follow-up to decisions of the court”, he wrote in his argument of June 2008.

This margin of manoeuvre left to the justice, the association Marche blanche does not. In October 2009, it launched a new popular initiative in order to enroll in the federal Constitution the ban for pedophiles to engage in an activity, whether professional or voluntary, with children or dependent people. The crop of signatures is still ongoing until April. “Our initiative is not only the children but also the disabled. One reaches the end of it you will get there,” says Christine Bussat, the president of the association.

The other project that was expected,the implementation of the statute of limitations of crimes and pedophiles.
Here, too, things are progressing. Simonetta Sommaruga will present a draft to the government this spring. In the case of the educator of the bernese oberland, the most abuses can no longer be pursued as prescribed by current law.


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