How to rebuild after a divorce ? What are the things to do and not to do ? The founder of the site Florence Escaravage explains his point of view.

To raise the head after a painful divorce, the expert of the art of the matter, we explained that we have to rely on 5 tips to adopt :

The very first tip to consider is to evacuate the anger. It is necessary to be able to move beyond that anger in order to get rid of the rage that one has in oneself. It is possible to write patterns that have been right of divorce on a piece of paper, knowing that getting upset or even crying are not bad things.

The second tip is to make the point about his past relationship. Indeed, it would be interesting to make 2 columns on the positive things to remember and things that are negative to remove it. It is then to draw a big line on it and define what your expectations are.

Then, it is important to be well surrounded. Spending time with his family and his friends can only be beneficial for the following.

Then comes the stage of self-realization. He must be ambitious and ready to undertake projects, make changes in his professional life and find what we can build.

We can finally move on to the action, a crucial step ! It must absolutely not be without love and it is important to go against the others, to remain open and welcoming. Try not to make judgments but rather to put the listener in confidence.

To conclude, we often fall in love when one feels understood for what makes us different and unique. This is the beginning of the state of love.

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