A study of a survey of 4032 users and groom to understand the correlations between infidelity and number of years of marriage.

1st year of marriage : men are more unfaithful in The first year of marriage, men and women do not behave the same way. The women seem to be more respectful of the pledge of allegiance. Only 16% of married women cheat on their husbands, while 28 % of men can’t resist and give in to the temptation as early as the first year of marriage. The women admit to cheat on their husband to support their choice or because they know that their husband will be a good father but not necessarily a good lover. Men are unfaithful by the reaction to their new statutes. In 41% of cases, the unfaithful at this stage of their marriage, admitting that they have already deceived before their union, at least once in their life. 1 to 3 years of marriage : the couple is testing his marriage to The third year of marriage seems to wake up the infidels ! Pregnancies, the professional and personal interests… the construction cycle of the couple is no longer necessarily homogeneous. 24% of men and 22% of women infidels are committing pranks during this phase. Finally, for nearly seven in ten respondents (68%), the failover in the infidelity for the very 1st time operated between the 1st and the 3rd year of marriage. After their first pregnancy often a synonym for sex break, the women admit that they feel a spike of desire that their spouses seem to be less receptive. Thanks to their lover, they can satisfy it. Between the 3rd and the 9th year, the couples find it difficult to resist the routine 54% of the couple say that the emergence of the routine within the couple is the 1st cause of unfaithfulness in the 3rd year of marriage. More surprising, the study reveals that it is the only period during which women deceive more than men ! 57% of women report having cheated on their husband for only 42% of men infidels. From the 9th to the 25th year : more and more couples infidels After the 9th year of marriage, infidelity seems to be practiced in series. Two respondents in three (62%) admit to having often cracked during this period of their marriage. The couple needs to reinvent itself, the individual seeks to satisfy his individuality and his sexual desires, rather than its torque. Women and men want to spice up their life, discover new sex, but without questioning their couple. Beyond the 25th year of marriage, couples are more faithful ! An effect due to the age, maturity or wisdom ? From the 25th year of marriage, couples are less unfaithful.

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