Ireland celebrates its first same-sex unions legal

DUBLIN – Ireland has celebrated Tuesday the first two same-sex unions authorized by law in this country is very catholic and conservative, which has decriminalised homosexuality, there are less than twenty years.

Civil partnerships between persons of the same sex, is allowed by a new law adopted in January, mark a “progress is very significant for gays and lesbians,” said Kieran Rose, chair of the association’s Glen, which defends the rights of homosexuals.

“Gay couples have waited for years for their relationship to be recognized and protected by the State”, he added.

Ireland, where abortion is prohibited, has not decriminalized homosexuality in 1993, after having been forced by a judgement of the european Court of Human rights.

The first couple united in the framework of the new legislation is to Dublin: this is Barry Dignam and Hugh Walsh first met almost 20 years.

Both of them think, however, that the civil partnership did not go far enough and would like to benefit of a real marriage.

“This is a big change, but it is a pity that this is not a real marriage,” said Barry Digham at the daily Irish Times.

Civil partnerships include most of the provisions of a civil marriage, such as the protection of the matrimonial home and pension rights.

The tax portion of the civil partnership has not yet been passed by parliament.

Of civil partnerships are celebrated since 2005 in Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.


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