MALTA is the last european state to accept the divorce

The people of Malta voted in a referendum for the legalization of divorce in this small country, the last in Europe where it is still illegal.

A consequence of this election, which had a value in an advisory capacity, “the Parliament should draft a law” specific granting divorce.

If we exclude the Vatican, a micro-State headed by the pope, Malta, member of the european Union since 2004, is the only country in Europe to prohibit divorce. In the rest of the world, there is hardly any as the Philippines to be in this situation, Chile has been one of the last to legalize it in 2004.

At present, the Maltese may separate legally, but it is very difficult to remarry because it is necessary to first cancel the wedding, a lengthy procedure -it usually lasts for about eight years – and complicated. In addition, the cancellation is seldom pronounced by the courts of the religious catholics.

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