Here are the main provisions of the bill opening marriage and adoption to same-sex couples.

1. The heart of the bill is to open to same-sex couples the freedom to marry and the right to adopt that result. The new article 143 of the civil code will state that “marriage is contracted by two persons of different sex or the same sex”. The provisions which follow, as the age of the future spouses, or the obstacles, remain the same.

2. The French will have the opportunity to marry a foreign national of the same sex, or two foreign nationals the opportunity to marry in France, even in the case where the law of the country of origin of the or of the future spouses would not recognize the validity of same-sex marriage.

3. The opening of marriage to couples of persons of the same sex necessarily involves the opening of the adoption, whether the joint adoption of a child by both spouses or adoption of the child of the spouse.

4. Modification, for all married couples, heterosexual or homosexual, of the rules of devolution of family name. In the event of a disagreement or lack of choice of parents, the names of each of them, in multiples, in alphabetical order, will be given to the child, whereas currently it is the name of the father, which is assigned to you.

5. The marriage between persons of the same sex contracted abroad regularly, before the entry into force of the act, may be subject to a transcript in France.

6. Prohibition of any measures or sanctions or dismissal against an employee married to a person of the same sex who refused a geographical change in a State that is repressing homosexuality.

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