Married LIFE – AT home, old habits die hard. The duties of the household, in France, are still often reserved for the women. On average, they spend almost 4 hours of their time per day compared to about 2 hours 30 for the men.


However, a recent study comes to give a new look on this distribution. This survey was conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Notre Dame in the United States shows that men, which occupations predominantly occupied by women, are more likely than others to share the household chores.


The fear of breaking


For this study, the researcher Elizabeth Aura McClintock has built among its definition of occupations dominated largely male, those that contained between 0 and 25% of women. Occupations with a predominance largely women are those that contain 76% to 100% of women. More specifically, it is to be jobs in the service sector, social work, or education.

It is also based on the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, a large u.s. study that collects data on workers in the united states between 1981 and 2009.

Then how she explains that the men who carry on the business category spend more time on household chores when they returned home? Asked by The HuffPost, his explanation is quite surprising.


First thing to take into account: the men who exercise occupations women marry less than others. “The exercise of a profession female implies a kind of ‘cost romantic”, she explains. It is in any case what she had seen, in a previous study.

“When a married man incorporates a woman’s profession, your chances of finding a companion after a divorce can be reduced like skin of sorrow,” observes the sociologist. A situation that makes these women “more dependent on their marriage”, analyzes the researcher.

This would therefore be well to make it last the couple that these men would invest more in the household chores.

No difference among single


An explanation of a crackpot? Not so much. The proof is in the singles!

The researcher was able to realize that in the same type of professional environment, the single men did not change their habits in terms of household chores.

“This suggests that the profession determines the household chores only in the context of a relationship as a couple,” explains the sociologist. “These last are a source of tension in most of the couples since it is often women who are doing the most. This is why a man who cherishes his marriage is going to invest more.”

Not very modern as a vision of things? The researcher apologized. “I’m well aware that it is a vision rather superficial marriage, but it is important to remember that in the United States, one marriage in two ends in divorce. A lot of torque, therefore, have in mind that the risk of divorce is real.”

Remember that in France this figure is roughly the same. Gentlemen… all in good humor.

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