This is a new that may surprise some. Katie Holmes would like to change the name of his daughter, Suri. According to the american magazine, Now, she would like to call it Scout, in reference to the character of his favorite novel : Don’t shoot the mockingbird (To Kill a Mockingbird) from the writer Harper Lee. A new actress would have shared with his friends.

But that’s not all, Katie Holmes could do the ” Cruise “, the second christian name of Suri, and a ” Holmes “, his family name.


If they prove accurate, these decisions may be experienced as a trauma for the little girl aged six years. Since the announcement of the divorce of her parents, Suri has already created new benchmarks. She spent most of her time with her mother and cannot talk with Tom Cruise, his father only through a webcam.


One can imagine that this change of identity could trouble him even more.

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