The divorce. This period of mourning, of questioning, and… release! If traditionally, the separation is perceived as a failure sentimental, more and more people prefer to see it as the opportunity of a new beginning. So, to meet these optimistic, corporate events have added a new benefit to their services : the celebration of divorce, or divorce party.

Imported directly from the United States, the concept is simple : to have fun with her friends to forget her worries. “I have included these festivals to my activities at the end of last year because divorce is a real reality in France. It’s part of the different stages of life, ” explains Aurélie Bornand Cervini, director of Life Event Planner, a company based in Igny. “Nowadays, a little more than 44% of marriages break the figure, and the number of divorces after less than a year of union is awesome (editor’s NOTE : approximately 7%). But this is not necessarily a fatality, it can also be an issue. And to start on good bases, what better than to go for a drink with his relatives ? “A view like that, the idea is interesting. And yet, the phenomenon just a bit to take off in France. “Question of mentality may be,” said Aurélie Bornand Cervini, who admits having had less than a dozen customers since December.

Customers, or rather clients. Because the targets of the divorced parties, the women. In their forties for the most part, whose marriages have lived well and whose desires are not necessarily similar. Some just need a little makeover and a drink between friends, the story of get back in confidence. Others, however, see things a little more grand. “Recently, I had a client whose request was simple : she wanted guys galore, remembers Aurélie Bornand Cervini. So, for her, it was like a burial of life of young girl. Eight-ten girlfriends, a trip to Paris and the chippendales. “The kind of evening that the amount can quickly reach several hundreds of euros. But when one loves more, one does not count…

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