Divorce or separation, issues of money and fuel conflicts. Scales codes are published each year by the ministry of Justice. Table 2013 has been known for 27 may 2013.

When started a procedure of divorce or separation and that it is to agree on the amount of child support that one parent will pay to the other for the maintenance of the children they had in common, lawyers are bombarded with questions :

“How am I going to claim as maintenance for our child ? “” How much money will I have to pay my ex got custody of our child ? “


A national scale

To avoid that the pension is too dependent of the court which fixed the amount, the ministry of Justice publishes, annually, a ” reference table “, a sort of schedule of the monthly average amount per child, depending on the income of the debtor (the one who pays the pension) and the type of care chosen (custody of children, visiting rights and accommodation classic or reduced).

A guide, not a price

The amounts shown in the table do not constitute in any case a rate of automatic application. The parents, if they are able to reach agreement on this point, or the judge may make provision for the amounts specified. The schedule established by the department of Justice is that a grid is indicative.

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