Rate of the lawyers for the divorce amicable

The Senate Thursday : the lawyers will soon have to adhere to a fee schedule.

Know how much your amicable divorce is going to cost you, this will be possible soon. The senators, who voted Thursday against an amendment to the government proposing to ease the procedure of divorce, however, have proposed the introduction of an indicative scale. A grid setting several profile-type, could lead to clients agreeing to an amicable divorce to have an overview of what to expect.

Encourage lawyers to transparency.For Me Helena Poivet-Leclerc, a member of the national bar Council, such a measure will enable customers to see more clearly in the statement of their case.

“You’ll get an idea of the rates that are charged in the area, you will have an idea of what it is normal to charge you”, to expose the micro Europe 1. “It’s going to force the lawyer to be more explicit about his work”, argues-does it also.

The divorce “is not a consumer product”

Some, however, complain that such a measure of relegating lawyers to the rank of simple service providers. Thus, advance Me Michel Apelbaum, lawyer at the Paris bar, “speaking of scale returns to forget all the work of mediation, and can double, or even triple the invoice.”

“Divorce, like marriage, are not consumer products. You can’t price a service, a life situation, that only a lawyer can handle”. “This has a price, which may not be ‘forfaitisé'”, at the risk of lawyers of “civil servants”, “to the prejudice of the people who plant”, developed the lawyer.

But, for the time being, the refractory can be reassuring, because the fee schedule should not see the light of day before several months.

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