Already present in the backgrounds festive, the campaign of prevention of drinking and driving, Be my angel extends its activities with the launch of an app for smartphones.

The application is free and available on Android and iPhone, is very easy to use. After you have chosen the language of play, we recorded its sex, weight as well as the quantity, time, and the alcoholic beverage consumed. By pressing “calculate”, a curve is displayed with his blood-alcohol level and the time at which the alcohol will be completely eliminated.

The developers of the application, which is part of the vaud Foundation for alcoholism, hoping that its users will better their rate of alcohol in the evening before getting behind the wheel.

The prevention campaign to Be my angel promotes the concept of the sober driver during group outings: a person designated at the beginning of the evening should always be the “angel” of his friends, and bring them back safely to their homes.

To encourage this type of behaviour, Be my angel proposes to pay for non-alcoholic beverages to the driver of the evening to thank him to provide this security to his friends, and practicing rotated to the next exit, so that the same person is not always in charge.

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