SURNAME, original spelling

Apart from the fact that the first names are the subject of a fashion impact and are available every year in a list that is very appreciated by the parents, the current trend is to stand out and personalise to the maximum the name of his child by choosing a spelling specific. Since the act of 8 January 1993, parents are free to name their children as they wish. The officer of civil status, is no longer able to judge of the admissibility of the first names given, he must enter on the act of birth, the given names chosen by the parents. In the case where the choice of a name for him seems to be contrary to the interests of the child, it must inform the public prosecutor, who may take steps to seize the family court judge will decide in the last resort, possibly, delete it.

But you should know that selecting a name is crucial to the extent where we have to wear it all our lives.

At the present time the originality is in the choice of a surname and the parents did not hesitate to re-invent a new spelling of the first name chosen for their child. One does not choose simply the first name of her child but most importantly how to write it.

They want to create a name unique to their child and feel at all cost the need to stand out from others who have the same first name.


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