Survey/divorce : you’ve expressed !

A few days ago, the cabinet Apelbaum & Associates asked you for your opinion on the following question : do you believe that the father and the mother are treated fairly during a divorce proceeding ?

You have been more than 1700 to respond to us and we thank you.

80% of you believe that parents are treated differently, with 60% of the male respondents.

This figure is representative because it is the mirror of the forced separation father-child after a divorce.

I remind you that after the separation of the parents, 76 % of children are cared for primarily by their mother and 9 % mainly by their father. The residence programmes, including the use progresses, for 15 % of the children only.

This figure is also justified by the total lack of parity in the family justice ; in fact, 90% of the judges for family affairs are women.

It is regrettable that the interest of the child is overlooked in favor of the conflict between the parents.

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