The constitutional Council assents to the Law Loppsi 2

With thirteen articles retoqués, the second part of the law of orientation and programming for performance of domestic security (Loppsi 2) will remain in the annals of the Fifth Republic as the text to be the most heavily censored by the constitutional Council. Following a referral filed by 60 deputies and 60 senators, many of the key points of the law have been rejected, such as the extension of the principle of penalty floor for minors, or the opportunity for a warden to proceed to the forced evacuation of lands occupied illegally.

The Wise also refused that are entrusted to private actors the tasks of video surveillance of the public road, on the grounds that such a measure was tantamount to entrust to entrust them with a task falling within the police authority.

The filtering without recourse to a judge is validated

On the numerical level, the constitutional Council has given its approval to the article 4 of the law Loppsi 2, however, attacked in the referral. Particularly controversial, this article stipulates that the administrative authority may order the access providers, the blocking of any site that may be used to convey child pornography, without justice is involved. The petitioners argued about ” the inappropriate ways in the light of the objective pursued “, stressing that the filtering efficiency has repeatedly been called into question.

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