The divorce in the PACA region

As in the whole of France, celibacy is gaining ground in the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’azur, where the share of people living in couples has declined, according to Insee, by 3 percentage points since 1990. First, it is the marriage that has lead in the wing. Since 1999, the number has decreased by 6%, even though this type of union is holding up better in the region than in the rest of France, where the marriage is in free fall: less than 14%.

It is the Pacs which has taken over, with more than two contracts for three weddings. But if we add the two types of union, magic of mathematics, “the inhabitants of the Paca region have more states in 2009 than the average of the French”, according to the Insee, who hastens to add : “We live, however, more often alone than in the past”. Aging of the population, installation in a couple more late, separations more frequent (it saves 2 divorces, 3 marriages in the Paca region), but also changing lifestyles explain this growing phenomenon of loneliness.

What is not said Insee, which is why the region has more divorces than the others.


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