“It is better to be alone than badly accompanied. “This adage, Jean-Paul, 63 years old, takes readily to his account. Four years ago, this retiree has separated from his second wife after more than 15 years of marriage. As more and more seniors. Without asking too many questions. “Necessarily, at 60 years old, you wonder how will be the result “, remembers the Previous. “And at that age, obviously, there are constraints that we don’t if you divorce young. We have a house to share. And approaching retirement is open to question. “

“Nothing to say “

But unlike a lot of older people who are divorcing, Jean-Paul ” has not suffered too much in the post. My luck is that I had and that I still have a lot of activities, and a group of loyal friends. “On the other hand, it is known that, for some of his friends of the same age,” the divorce has made it more difficult to pass. Because they were not necessarily big-thing in their life outside of their work and their children. After retirement, when they only stayed for a both, they were bored. “The retirement or the departure of the children of the house, what are the top two causes of divorce among older couples. Not easy indeed, for a couple, to relearn to live together after having just crossed over the years. “When they find themselves alone, they have nothing more to share,” notes Marie Françoise Barbot (read below).

“50 years ago, it was still beautiful years to live “
Patrizio, novelist previous 54 years, has experienced this situation in 2008, the date of his divorce. “It is sad to say, but when it happens close to 50 years, one does not think to children, but in and of itself. It was my well-being which was to dominate “, he explains. “At this age, when we are told that it is not with the right person, it is important to change, because life is still long. “

This lengthening of the duration of life, as well as the good health of the senior citizens are, in effect, two strong factors pushing divorce. “Today, when we was fifty years old, it still has beautiful years ahead of you “, said Patrizio. “Then frankly, as long as to enjoy these remaining years, it is better to spend it with someone that fits us. And at the same time, divorce can be scary, because we are told that it is not necessary to hang out if you want to find someone. “To end his life alone, it is the fear of many senior citizens who get divorced. And that are not always well understood by their entourage. “I was told that I was not reasonable, that it was risky to break up at my age “, says Patrizio.

The fear of not finding someone

Because divorce is over 50 years old is never totally trivial. “Inevitably, you wonder how you’re going to live alone “, recognizes Jean-Paul. “But today, I am very well alone, and if I do find someone, that will be later. “Especially that to meet a woman over 60 years old, one is exposed to new problems, note Jean-Paul :” a Lot of the women that I encounter do not think of is “squeeze”, or, when they are younger, to make a “good marriage”. “Then, Jean-Paul does not press, and if it should recover in a couple, it will be with the certainty that” it is good “.

Patrizio, he has found someone. A woman who suits him better. “A 54-year-old, the questions that arise during the meeting are not the same,” acknowledges the Previous. “We need to find a person willing to accompany us on the long term, to be there for us when we need it. “Besides, soon, Patrizio is going to remarry. Like what, there is no age for love.

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