The end applications, anti-police checks ?

Senators in the us were sent to the main application platform for smartphones a request to opt out of location-based service control for alcohol.

In France, we know the applications for smartphones indicating the presence of mobile speed cameras or fixed. In the United States, these services can go further and reference, always in a community, the location of the controls of blood alcohol level.
Yesterday, four u.s. senators have sent a letter to the ceo of Google and RIM as well as the boss of the software division of the iPhone to alert them to the presence of these applications.
The senators cite the example of an application that lists more than ten million users that report in real time the position of the control points. They claim that these applications are banned from app stores, or modified in such a way that they no longer contain the alert function.
Apple, Google and RIM have not yet made their positions known.

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