The Law against the motorcycle taxis in Paris

One hundred and thirty motorcycle taxi drivers protested today in Paris to seek review of a regulation that prohibits them from parking near train stations and terminal buildings without prior reservation of a client.

According to the law of 2009, in force on the 1st of April next, on the “development and modernization of tourist services”, this practice will be liable to one year imprisonment, a fine of 15,000 euros, a suspension of a driving licence for five years, and the immobilization or confiscation of the vehicle. “Only the taxi” are “allowed to wait for the customer on the public roadway”, according to this text.

Today in Paris, 130 bikers have a parade of the Republic to the Bastille behind a banner “Moto-taxi in wrath: for the right to decent work”, by honking and making rumble of the engines. Gathered at the call of the Unsa-Fat (autonomous Federation of transport), these drivers, most of them artisans, demand the assignment of “specific seat and visible to customers” in the stations and the terminals, and the right to use motorcycles that have six years of seniority, while the law limits to four years. “Orly airport, taxis to suburbs have specific locations. Why can’t we ?”, rebels Daniel Charlery, secretary-general of the section a bike to the Unsa-Fat.

The new law aims to better regulate the activity, by the granting of a “professional card” issued by the prefectures, the obligation to be holder of a motorcycle license and the port to “specific signs”. This legislation divides the profession, some drivers seeing this as a “recognition” of their activity. “This regulation is good because it protects the persons to be transported and that gives us a recognition. I hope she will do a little cleaning in the profession as to harass the customers, this is not healthy”, recently explained Cyril Masson, the president of the company Citybird, one of the leaders of the transport of people on two-wheels.

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