The major reforms in the criminal to come out this summer

Nicolas Sarkozy spoke of the maturity of the summer as a “deadline” to lead two major projects legal: the reform on the introduction of popular juries in the criminal courts and the fight against the delinquency of minors.

First project:

“Before the summer, French drawn at random on the electoral roll will be called, one week per year, to serve at the correctional court of your department and to render justice.” Introduce judges without robes in the course corrections and to involve citizens more closely

As well, mps should vote for the law in may..

Second site:

“Minors, you can’t do it. The court for children is no longer appropriate. I’m going to ask that we reflect and that we adopt, before summer, the new measures regarding the response to the delinquency of minors.” With a view to the recasting of the ordinance of 1945 on juvenile criminal liability.

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