The suffering of a father can lead to irreparable damage.

It must be based on solidarity.

Here is an article published this morning in the press :

Willy M. had voluntarily thrown into the Loire, with his car and his two children on board. It is, in any case, the hypothesis preferred by the investigators. They were met at the home of the father of writings confirms his desperation after a difficult divorce.

A few hours before the tragedy on Friday, Willy M. had changed the pictures of his profile Facebook. He chooses a photo showing the sky and a picture of his two children, his son of 8 years makes a gesture of the hand as a goodbye.

At the end of the afternoon, Willy M. gets his kids for the Weekend in st Cyr sur Loire, a commune whose family is originally from.

What happened then ? That is what could push the father of the family to ride at a brisk pace, at 2 o’clock in the morning with her children on board ?
He lost control of his vehicle, or, on the contrary, chose to commit the irreparable ? Investigations on the car and the autopsy of the body may help to determine this.

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