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Understanding Clinical Negligence Claims

Finding the right solicitor for your clinical negligence claim requires going outside of the standard selection of law firms that are available to you. These are often complex cases, and it’s more or less a given that the company against which you are filing a claim is going to have the backing of a strong […]

I Spent All Day at the Courthouse

I spent all day at the courthouse sitting around in jury duty and trying to kill time. I down there bright and early when they told me to be there and a couple of times it looked like they were going to get me to do something. This Sacramento criminal attorney talked to a bunch […]

Whiplash from a Car Accident

I thought that the vehicle accident I was in was quite minor. I even told the officer investigating it that I did not believe I needed medical treatment. Thankfully, I listened to his advice, which was to seek it anyway because I could have injuries I wasn’t even aware of. I thought I would be […]

So What is the Xarelto Lawsuit About?

They say taking street drugs can kill you. Well, that is obviously true. You see it in the news every single day. However, another news story that is becoming quite popular is prescription drugs causing serious harm and in some cases killing people. It is not the thing you would expect to happen when your […]