I Spent All Day at the Courthouse

I Spent All Day at the CourthouseI spent all day at the courthouse sitting around in jury duty and trying to kill time. I down there bright and early when they told me to be there and a couple of times it looked like they were going to get me to do something. This Sacramento criminal attorney talked to a bunch of the people and kept the ones that they wanted, but they did not get to me on that and I realized that they were going to make me wait until the next case came up. Of course I was sitting there wondering how long they could make you stay there. It was obvious that a lot of people had excuses that they used to get out of it and I could have made something up. however I did not really know what was going on. It was some sort of civil case they had going on and that was what they picked me for, but the entire time it was pretty obvious that they were stalling for time.

Of course there was a back room deal going on the whole time. Neither of the lawyers really wanted to go to trial, they were trying to work out a settlement and the rest of it was all just window dressing. Of course if things came down to it they would have both taken their chances in a trial, but that is sort of risky and they preferred settling it out of the court. It was not my problem though. I was just wishing that they could have done it hours quicker than they did. Of course they wanted to be sure that each side came out of it it thinking that they had fought for something and came out of it with a good deal for themselves.

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