So What is the Xarelto Lawsuit About?

So What is the Xarelto Lawsuit About?They say taking street drugs can kill you. Well, that is obviously true. You see it in the news every single day. However, another news story that is becoming quite popular is prescription drugs causing serious harm and in some cases killing people. It is not the thing you would expect to happen when your doctor writes you a prescription to treat something you might be suffering from or at risk for. The Xarelto lawsuit is an example. It is alleged that the drug is responsible for causing major bleeding events in some people who take it. The drug is intended to save lives. It is supposed to stop dangerous blood clots that can cause strokes from forming.

However, some people have reported serious internal bleeding events that they associate with taking Xarelto. There is a risk of bleeding with all drugs in this class. So, what is the Xarelto lawsuit about? If the label warns that serious bleeding can occur, then one might wonder how you can have a leg to stand on going up against the drug manufacturer. The claim is that the drug’s benefits over the standard treatment of warfarin are overstated. If the claims were valid, then the associated risks might be worth it. An exacerbating factor is that there is no counter drug to available to reverse the effects of Xarelto based on how it works. For warfarin, a dose of Vitamin K counteracts the effects of its blood thinning capability.

You might now think that if people overdosed on Xarelto then it is their own fault. however, it is common for blood tests to come back showing that warfarin levels are too high or even too low. If it got dangerously high, then some Vitamin K could be administered. For Xarelto building up in a patient to unsafe levels, there is nothing to counteract its effects. So, people that have been harmed are more likely to be eligible for compensation because them or their doctor may be more inclined to use the drug based on invalid claims, and that there is no counteracting agent if levels get too high.

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