Whiplash from a Car Accident

Whiplash from a Car AccidentI thought that the vehicle accident I was in was quite minor. I even told the officer investigating it that I did not believe I needed medical treatment. Thankfully, I listened to his advice, which was to seek it anyway because I could have injuries I wasn’t even aware of. I thought I would be able to feel anything wrong, but I found out that some things don’t feel so terrible at first! I was diagnosed with whiplash, and the pain the next day was horrible. I investigated whiplash claims on my computer because I wanted to see what I was in for, and I am also thankful that I did that.

I read some horror stories on how people were not given the proper attention and respect from insurance companies, mainly because whiplash is an injury that can last for days or it can last for weeks, months or even years. I had started seeing a chiropractor for my whiplash a few days after the accident, and no one was more surprised than me when I was still going two months later. I was just not able to get rid of the daily pain in my neck, which I never had before the accident.

The insurance company gave me such trouble over this, and I remembered the whiplash claims that I had read online. Several of them had to get legal help to get the assistance they needed with the insurance companies. I was not able to resume my job because of my pain, and my savings account was quickly dwindling away. Had the accident been my fault, I would have accepted full responsibility. However, it was absolutely not my fault, and I decided to get some legal help. The company I hired was gracious and effective, and they were able to get me the help I needed faster than I could have imagined. I still have my pain, but at least I am not stressed about how I am going to pay my bills now!

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