25th Congress of the ACE in Strasbourg

on October 13, 2017 – Clemence MART – Right

© DR – The association of Counsel of enterprises (ACE) celebrated its 25th anniversary in grand style.

The 25th Congress of the ACE (Lawyers, Business Councils) was held recently in Strasbourg around the themes of the openings, and adaptation.

Created in 1992, the association of Lawyers works councils represent the entire bar of French business, bringing together the consulting firms of firms of all sizes, French and international.

Strong of its technical committees involved in all areas of the law, its international section and the section of young lawyers (ACE-JA), the ACE has elected representatives in all the institutions and technical bodies representative of the profession (national Council of the bar, orders, Carpa, etc.). She was thus able to promote innovative ideas, contributing effectively to the building of the legal profession to be modern and prepare its future.

After Ajaccio in 2016, the Congress of the ACE took place this year in Strasbourg. The event was organized around the theme of the opening, or rather openings, ” the one about the world of business, firms, inter and multiprofessionnalité, openness to new organizations of firms, and the one towards the youth associated more and more numerous “, according to Denis Raynal, national president of the association.

“Open up tomorrow, the other, push the boundaries, adapt to changes and explore the future “, was thus the central theme of this congress in strasbourg, chaired by Caroline Ctorza.

The ACE is celebrating its 25th anniversary
The presidents who have succeeded – seven mandatures before that of Denis Raynal, ” have instilled their perception of the future of our union “. The first, Philippe Peyramaure and Jean-Maurice to the Park, have focused the association on the baptismal font of the new profession of lawyer, born of a fused relationship between the lawyers and the judicial legal advice.
As recalled by Denis Raynal, ” following in their footsteps, Jean-Bernard Thomas and Jacques Barthelemy have, by their personality soaked and with their team leads the company. The constructive spirit and forward-looking union was gaining strength, as the unity of thought shared in the action, under the leadership of their prestigious and beloved successors : Gérard Mazet, Jean-Jacques Uettwiller, Jean-Yves Mercier, Pierre Lafont and William Feugère. ”

The theme of the opening with the youth and the future was also characterized by the choice of the Ecole régionale des avocats du Grand est (Erage) to host the ACE and the achievement of its work, where students-lawyers and young confreres are involved throughout the event.

During his opening speech, Caroline Ctorza has recalled that ” last year in Ajaccio, the objective was to reaffirm our strengths : our jurisdiction first and in the first place, our training, our independence and our ethics.

Today, it seems imperative to discuss the essential plasticity of our profession. It is about this challenge of adaptation, that we want to return to the occasion of this 25th congress. We are contractors. We therefore need to remain entrepreneurial, but also competent and responsible. For this, we need to adapt “.

The different workshops and round tables that have marked these two days of the congress were thus articulated around an essential question : How can we adapt the practices and states of mind to the vision of the lawyer of the future, counsel performance, and that inspires confidence ?

“We have agreed with the organizing team of the congress, that this need for adaptation requires the questioning of his environment, to go to encounter the other, to exchange with him to find solutions, new and ergonomic, work together to create shared value,” continued the president of congress, greeting the host city of the event : “Strasbourg, land of Human rights, major place of the construction of europe, city, capital of Europe, of its parliament and of its council, of the ECHR, but also of the european Centre of the youth “.

For Bénédicte Bury, director of the congress: “This congress has combined, through the design of its round tables and workshops, the value-added born of the practice of multi-professionalism, the development of interculturality and the amplification of the collaborativité. Business clients, our law firms that accompany them are as well factors of the creation of wealth by the quality of their products and services, the jobs they create, the talent they develop, the well-being they promote, their capacity for innovation. We will also examine the levers of this shared value, factor and strategy of change and societal progress, at the heart of our commitment “.

Conferences and workshops are then followed, on the labour law and its reforms, on the technique of the CSR, on the transmission of family businesses, the intercultural relations in the business life, ethics in business, or even the sharing of knowledge and training tools to digital via the blended learning.

The universe of the lawyer is changing

During these two days, Denis Raynal, the president of the ACE is shown to be “lucid and optimistic”. In the light of the immense market of the right, which opens the profession of lawyer must be steeped in the virtues : “courageous, forward-looking, unit, intergenerational, activist, young enough still to hope, flexible, dynamic, and muscular “. To do this, ACE suggests, “for the common good” his strength, his scientific contribution or political and humanist ideas, realistic “.

Regarding the themes of the conference, Denis Raynal is income, also, on the “Openings”, ” the word that describes so well our union and its action “. He also touched on the creation by the ACE of LUNA, the Laboratory of “the Universe of Lawyers”.

Enabled by year-end 2016, to reflect on the themes to be addressed in the framework of the ministerial mission entrusted to the commission headed by Kami Haeri on the future of the profession, it is made up of a representative panel of different backgrounds.

His first assignment was to write a white paper for the profession, delivered to the commission Haeri at the conclusion of the hearing the union. This white paper ” carries the foundations of our ambitions, in a spirit of openness precisely, the doctrine which constitutes the basis of our programme for the next elections to the national Council of bars “, as specified in Denis Raynal.

The president of the ACE has also insisted on the “label” of ” Competitiveness & Law “, announced in Ajaccio and now in the heart of the action : “The Charter 2017 values and beliefs “Competitiveness & Law”, the door to the 10 values this notion of cross-sectional, real state of mind in the ACE, the cue for each of our 26 committees work. If you are a member of the ACE, if you recognize yourself in these values, this brand is yours. You will carry high the colours of the competitiveness by the law, a philosophy, a way of thinking, to serve as an infinite source of intelligence, strategy, efficiency-seeking, value-added, and for our country in an ambitious bet. And the influence of this brand of collective use free will increase and it will be each time more collectively shared. The community at the service of the collective, this is the virtuous circle of this proposal very ACE Competitiveness & Law. “

A book to follow
Mutations in the Universe of Lawyers – Tectonic and Horizons
The book of the ACE seems to be on the 2nd of November next. It has been thought of and carried out collectively, in secret. Presented at the congress of Strasbourg, and its 25 chapters come to salute the 25th anniversary of the union.
With its 344 pages, the fruit of the reflections of more than 80 people from diverse backgrounds, ” this book is without equal, willing to be iconoclastic, forward-looking and lightweight “.
It can be ordered now on the site Prat

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