A new regional policy for the heritage

© A. P. – Valérie Pécresse, president of the Region, Alain Schmitz, and Guillaume Poitrinal of the heritage Foundation.

In the context of its new cultural strategy, approved in September last year, the region Ile-de-France is committed to engaging with the heritage Foundation for the safeguarding of the local heritage.

Rich some 4 000 historical monuments protected, the Region Ile-de-France, first tourist destination in the world, is also distinguished by an important vernacular heritage. This “small heritage”, often not protected or classified, that make up the bridges, the facades, the calvaries and the wash-houses abandoned due to lack of resources, shapes yet the uniqueness of territories and reflects their stories special.

By partnering with the heritage Foundation, the first private organization in French dedicated to the safeguarding of the heritage of the vicinity, the Region is committed to making a decisive help to the safeguarding of the local heritage. For any eligible project, every euro collected by the Foundation will now be paid a euro for the Region, within the limit of 15 000 euros per project.

Today, 93 projects are underway. “Tomorrow, it could be two to three times more,” stresses Alain Schmitz, regional delegation for Ile-de-France of the heritage Foundation. These provisions were formalised in a partnership agreement, signed by Valérie Pécresse, president of the Region, and Alain Schmitz, in the presence of Guillaume Poitrinal, chairman of the Foundation.

“In a logic of valorization of territories, it is important not to work on listed monuments and sites, but to put our efforts also in the heart of the heritage of the vicinity, to constitute the framework of life of the ile-de-france “, explains Valérie Pécresse.

The budget of the heritage up

This partnership works in the framework of the new orientations of the Region in cultural terms for an ambitious policy of preservation and enhancement of the heritage. Indeed, the budget allocated to the heritage will go from 5 to 9 million euros in 2018, while the overall budget for culture has increased by 12 %, from 83 to 93 million euros between 2015 and 2017.

An investment that is not trivial in a promising area of business for the Region, for the heritage sector today generates nearly 5 billion euros of revenue and represents more than 125 000 jobs. note also that a euro invested in heritage armature 70 euros in economic benefits. “The region has an exceptional potential, that is too little exploited.

It is to this that we will primarily be working in 2018, ” says the president of the Region. Parallel to the establishment of this public-private partnership, the Region involving citizens in the île de france in the development of heritage by encouraging the equity shares and by creating, starting in 2018, a digital platform that is interactive and participatory which will collate, organize and structure the data as a whole, to enable you to communicate more easily on projects that are subject to appeal for donations.

The creation of a label “heritage of regional interest” is also intended to identify buildings and buildings whose heritage value has a regional interest, thus allowing to recognize their importance in the mesh heritage of the territory and contributing to raising the awareness of ile-de-france.

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