After Air Berlin, Lufthansa look at Alitalia, the other lame duck Etihad

Has barely to have deposited its bid to take over a large part of Air Berlin (81 aircraft, 3.000 employees), Lufthansa look at it from the side of Alitalia, the other lame duck of the group of air transport Abu Dhabi, Etihad Airways. Holding nearly 30% of the share capital of Air Berlin and 49% of Alitalia, Etihad has decided to cease to inject cash in lost funds. The first has filed for bankruptcy, the other is placed under judicial administration.

“If there was a chance to create a new Alitalia, while Lufthansa, as the number one in Europe, would be interested,” said the chairman of the executive board of Lufthansa, Carsten Spohr, as quoted by the German broadcaster NTV, while the deadline to submit a bid on the Italian company in difficulty expires this Monday.

The failure of Lufthansa Italia

Create a new Alitalia means the establishment of a new company, rid of these debts, with a scope that will ensure sustainability.
The Italian market in the interest of all major players in the sector. Italy is the 4th european market for the long-haul freight traffic.

In 2008, Lufthansa had struggled with Air France-KLM to enter the capital of the Italian company that had chosen the French group. Econduit, Lufthansa was launched in Italy by own means in creating in 2009 its own entity italienne, Lufthansa Italia.

Objective : to destabilize the recovery of Alitalia with the trade mark Lufthansa, very powerful in Northern Italy. Based at Milan Malpensa, Lufthansa Italia should compensate for the departure of Alitalia at this airport. The failure was resounding. And Lufthansa Italia halted its flights at the end of 2011.

Today, the profile of Alitalia is even less attractive than it was at the time. Alitalia has lost his footing on the network short-haul and in the face of low-cost and high-speed rail.
However, the slots owned by Alitalia on the Milan airport-Linate bring him a certain value.

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