Anne Muzard : “commercial real estate is currently very active “

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Anne Muzard is a notary associated to the study LBMB. In charge of the co-head of the department of real estate for the professionals, it is at the heart of the major issues that govern the sector.

Posters of Paris : Can you tell us about the study LBMB ?

Anne Muzard : The origins of the study LBMB date back to the Seventeenth century.. She became a professional civil society in 1976, at the initiative of Christian Lefebvre, who is always associated. This study is progressively oriented towards business customers, in particular through the council in institutional real estate including commercial and large-scale distribution. In addition, the study recommends individuals for acts common. We are also actors in the social housing sector, funding agencies.

Arrival to the study in 2004, I co-chaired, today is the service of the institutional real estate with Charles-Edouard Peschard. The study accompanies French and foreign investors on the acquisition and sale of financing of real estate on all types of assets, offices, and warehouses, our main business, commercial real estate, whole of France.

A. P. : How is currently the real estate business in the Île-de-France ?

A. M. : today, the market is doing well. We recorded a low from 2008, but for three or four years, the activity is relaunched. Commercial real estate and the logistics sector are very active, with significant operations in arbitration. In fact, the real estate, in particular, closely follows the evolution of practices and of consumption.

A. P. : You are working alongside other professionals in the sales and the right ?

A. M. : Yes, mostly with the lawyers, but also with the land surveyors-experts on the restructuring operations of buildings. We are still working in good intelligence with the other professionals. It is also very pleasant to work together, with very different approaches. The notary seeks the balance of the contract, we are magistrates of the court, while the lawyer is closer to the defense of the interests of his client. The constructive exchanges are real key factors of success of our collaboration with other professions. In general, the study cooperates with a wide range of professionals to supplement its expertise .

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