Ariane 5 confirms its reliability after his shot had an abortion at the beginning of September

81st success in a row for Ariane 5 since 2003. After the shooting had an abortion on September 5, Arianespace has finally launched successfully from the guiana space Centre (CSG) the two satellites to provide telecommunications in waiting : Intelsat 37th for the american operator Intelsat (almost 6.5 tons) and BSAT-4a, a satellite of 3.52 tonnes dedicated to the digital television for the constructor SSL (Space Systems Loral) in the framework of a turnkey contract for the benefit of the japanese Broadcasting Satellite System Corporation (B-SAT). With this successful flight, Arianespace sign the ninth launch of the year : five Ariane 5, two Soyuz and two Vega.

With 9.958 kg of net mass of the payloads, the launch VA239 around the record payload reached last June when VA237 (9.969 kg). At the end of this mission, Arianespace has launched into orbit since the beginning of the year, 15 payloads, including 12 to geostationary transfer orbit, for a total combined weight of 55.440 kg.

“This second performance record in 2017 confirms the continuous improvement of the capacity payload of the Ariane 5, the fruit of the experience and the know-how of the teams ArianeGroup. We have managed, in eight years, to increase the performance of the launcher Ariane 5 ECA 1.5 ton and we intend to further strengthen this performance of 250 kg by 2020”, explained the executive president of ArianeGroup, Alain Charmeau.

Two loyal customers of Arianespace

Manufactured by Boeing, Intelsat 37th is the 59th satellite of Intelsat to be launched by Arianespace for the orbiting of Intelsat 507 in October 1983. Two other Intelsat satellites are shown in the order book, Arianespace (Intelsat) 39 and Horizon-3rd). “We are very pleased with the renewed confidence of Intelsat, a little over a year after the dual launch of IS-33e and IS-36, and seven months after the Intelsat-32nd/SKY Brasil-1, has chosen us for the launch of IS-37e, the satellite is the most powerful in its fleet EPICNG”, stressed the CEO of Arianespace, Stéphane Israel.

BSAT-4a is the ninth satellite launched by Arianespace for B-SAT. Since the creation of B-SAT, Arianespace has launched all of the satellites of the operator in japanese. Sign of a presence that is unsurpassed on the market, BSAT-4a is the 29th geostationary satellite launched by Arianespace for operator japanese.

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