Automotive : young people are-they will return to the market of the nine ?

With the new uses of mobility, the automotive world is in full transformation. Therefore, the manufacturers expect all the disruptions… They did not expect, however, not to this… according To the figures compiled by AAA Data, and that The Tribune had obtained, the young people are back on the market nine. More importantly, they outperformed the market with a 4% increase of registrations purchased by 18-30 year olds since the beginning of the year in France.

In comparison, the particular market has increased twice as fast (+2%) over the same period. It is a surprise, since, on the market of the nine, the average age is deemed to be quite high, around 50 years of age. It should be noted however, that reserve around the fact that, in general, many parents buy cars for their children (in keeping with the carte grise in their name), which alters the reality of statistics of the end-user of the car.

However, this statistical surprises at the time of the new mobility seemed to be sounding the death knell of the era of the dream car for the young generations who prefer to rent, share, or use other means of mobility, rather than being a car owner.

The efforts of the builders crowned

For Guillaume Crunelle, a partner at Deloitte and a specialist in the automotive industry, this study contradicts ideas up here posted in terms of shopping behavior.

“This study proves that the efforts, the actual, manufacturers to establish a new relationship with the younger generations begin to pay. It is based on the digitalization of business relationships which allows you to interact with customers that they had not been receiving previously. They have also developed products that are more responsive to the needs of the time; and finally, the financing offers competitive also contribute to this success, ” he explains to “The Tribune”.

As well, the cars are more connected, the plans produced have cycles of renewal shorter, and many artifices marketing as well as personalisation allow you to reposition the car in the life projects of young people.

Internet sites improved, with configurators well accomplished

The websites of the brands are also more intuitive, with configurators well resolved, so that the buyer arrives at the dealership with the buying decision has already been taken. Finally, the new modes of financing enables these young people to access a acquisition more easily than before. Thus, according to the study, 18-30-year self-financed their purchase automobile up to the height of only 56%, where this ratio rises to almost 70% among their elders.

In reality, they benefit especially from highly favourable conditions on the credit market, as noted by Guillaume Crunelle :

“The risk is that in case of rising interest rates, the young people who entered the universe of the nine by the LOA are simply excluded from the market. “

The decline of car ownership, a groundswell

For the consultant to Deloitte, the scope of this study is to relativize. First of all, this concerns a tiny part of the market of the nine. With 51.130 registrations, they weigh little compared to 690.000 registrations of more than 31 years, representing 7% of the total market.

“I think that we don’t have enough perspective yet on these figures. It will be necessary to verify if the trend continues over several years “, explains Guillaume Crunelle, who adds :

“We have a certainty, and all our studies point towards this assumption, which is that there is a groundswell on the social, economic and generational, which will lead to a decrease of car ownership in urban areas. “

He recalls that in the United States, ” the passages in the driving licence does not cease to fall for several years “, as a result of the decline in the appetite of the young for the automobile. Time will tell if France will be an exception or if this dynamic will remain confined to the status of anecdote.

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