Bitcoin : the Greek judicial system allows the extradition of the owner of BTC-e

Alexander Vinnik, 37 years old, had been arrested in Greece at the end of July to the end of an international investigation and indicted the next day by the u.s. department of justice money laundering. BTC-e has already been condemned by the civil by the financial police of the u.s. Treasury, FinCen, to a fine of $ 110 million, while Mr. Vinnik itself will have to pay a fine of $ 12 million.

The operator on the Internet, BTC-e, which we do not know exactly where he was physically, was founded in 2011. It is recognized as “one of the largest global operators of exchanges of digital currencies”, according to the u.s. department of justice. The site of this company-screen the was locating in Bulgaria and said that she was subject to the regulations of Cyprus.

Extradition shall suspend

“These charges have no relation with me”, has defended the boss, Alexander Vinnik, 37 years old, also claimed by the justice of his country, and who has immediately announced that it would appeal the judgment.

“We have not yet seen the reasons for judgment, but the legal conditions for extradition are not met,” said for his part to press Me Alexandros Lycourezos, one of three lawyers of Alexander Vinnik.

The date of the appeal hearing shall be given by the supreme court of greece, as the competent authority, that within twenty days, according to a justice source. But, ultimately, it is the minister of Justice to decide the possible extradition, according to the Greek law.

Vinnik also asked by the Russians

Russia has also requested, on 10 August, the extradition of Alexander Vinnik, who is being prosecuted in his country for a scam 9,500 euros, a deal without common measure with the case of BTC-e.

The request of the Russian federation had been notified to Mr. Vinnik 19 September, the Greek judicial system will judge this request from the 11th of October. Alexander Vinnik has rejected accusations that the russians have expressed this time of his consent to be extradited to his country of origin.

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