Delta will not pay the required fees by Washington on the C-Series from Bombardier

Delta will not pay. While the United States has imposed countervailing duties of 220% on the regional aircraft CS100 and CS300 Bombardier imported to the United States and an anti-dumping duty of 80% on these same planes, the u.s. airline that has ordered these devices, do not intend to pay such taxes.

“We will not pay the taxes, which are in discussion or debate and that it is very clear,” said Wednesday, Ed Bastian, the chief executive of Delta, during the conference call on the quarterly results of the group. “We will take delivery of the aircraft (even if) there will be any delay in the delivery,” he continued. “We believe that this aircraft must be sold to (…) and are confident that Delta will have the agreed price in the contract”.

Boeing had no plane to meet the specifications

In 2016, the american company had ordered farm 75 C-Series and 50-best option. Boeing, which did not, however, offer a rival bid to the offer, has estimated that Bombardier had broken the prices thanks to public subsidies. It was following this complaint that Washington has imposed customs duties huge imports of C-Seires.

Judging the conflict is “unrealistic” and “absurd” because Boeing did not have a plane competitor to the CSeries by the time Delta has passed its order, Ed Bastian added that”no harm had been caused to Boeing”.

The brutality in the us has prompted a response from Canada. Ottawa has, in fact, threatened Wednesday to buy combat aircraft used F18 of the australian air force instead of the Super Hornet’s new aircraft, a few hours before a highly anticipated meeting between Prime minister Justin Trudeau and american president Donald Trump in Washington.

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