Energies : Nicolas Hulot defends his text on the end of the hydrocarbon

Nicolas Hulot was presented Tuesday to members of parliament with a bill which puts an end to the granting of licences for research of hydrocarbons in order to allow a phase-out, by 2040, the research and exploitation of deposits of hydrocarbons in both conventional and non-conventional.

This bill complements the law of 2011 which banned the exploitation of unconventional oil with the use of the technique of hydraulic fracturing.

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The minister of ecological Transition and solidarity, which defended for the first time a draft law before the Assembly, recalled that this text reflected a commitment to Emmanuel Macron during his presidential campaign of “going out” France of fossil fuels such as coal, gas, oil.

“The State should be responsible”

Nicolas Hulot has to be recalled that this bill was part of the climate Plan presented last July, and that plans to accelerate the implementation of the Paris Agreement adopted in December 2015 at the end of the COP21.

“The State must be responsible. He can no longer promise everything and its opposite, the claim that it is possible to continue in our addiction to fossil fuels, the issuance of licences, while assuming its leadership role in the fight against climate change”, he said.

As the minister he called for a “consensus” of the Assembly around its text that it has judged to be “fair, measured, humanistic and solidarity” and which, he said, is part of the response to “those who, especially in the United States, have attempted to derail the train of the Paris Agreement”.

The government expects an adoption of the text before the end of the year

The group Republicans is hostile to this bill. Those of the democratic left and republican (GDR, PC) and France insubordinate (BIA) will ask, the first moving towards a “forbearance positive“.

Groups Republic-market (LREM) and MoDem same as that of the New left (ex-PS) and, to a lesser extent, the Constructive support of this text even if some elected officials have expressed reservations.

On behalf of the LR group, Julien Aubert has strongly denounced this text qualified as “non-environmental“.

“It will not cause any reduction of the oil consumption in this country and will not have any impact in terms of CO2”, he added.

The commission on sustainable Development has adopted several amendments including one that added the coal in the list of matters of which the research and exploitation shall be prohibited.

The examination by the deputies of this bill, which has a dozen articles which have been deposited 165 amendments, expected to be completed Thursday, the Assembly to be determined the Tuesday, October 10, by a vote solemn on the whole text.

The Senate should consider the bill in November, as the government wishes it to be definitively adopted before the end of the year by the Parliament.


That provides the text ?

As a reminder, the draft law extends theprohibition on the research and exploitation of hydrocarbons in the case where a technique other than that of the hydraulic fracturing – is already prohibited – to be used.

The text also states that the exploitation concessions granted after the enactment of the act to a holder of a research permit – the “droit de suite” – will not go beyond the year 2040.

It reform finally, the conditions of underground storage of natural gas and transposes the two european directives, one on the quality of biofuels, the other on the reduction of emissions of certain pollutants from the air.

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