From mistrust to trust “having to work with” the ” pleasure of working together “

October 03, 2017 – AP-WRITING – Law – Experts-comptables

By Ghislaine Serfaty, senior consultant in intelligence, collaborative coach and certified speaker with the Ordre des experts-comptables and the Ecole polytechnique. A graduate of accounting, a specialist in coaching leaders for over 20 years, and director of the institute of graduate Accounting in a Company (ECE).

On the occasion of the 72nd Congress of the Ordre des experts-comptables, the expert, will host the conference ” What is leadership in a context of transformation ? The accountant ‘bearer of meaning” ” where she will explore several key factors of success in a context of transformation. We offer you to deepen the trust.

A prisoner of mistrust

– ” In life, there are the dominant and the dominated. “

– ” You give a hand, we’ll take an arm. “

– ” If you reveal your ideas, you make mowing. “


In the name of what belief, we are prisoners of mistrust ? Yes, the prisoner ! Because, who likes to get up in the morning thinking of all that he is going to have to put in place in the day to protect themselves ?

This is not a belief, some might say, it is a reality ! A reality forged in the fire of the living ?

Roland Guinchard, uses the metaphor of the hot air balloon to explain the connection we have to our work. We are not working and yet we are closely related to our work, as the pilot is linked to the aérostat. A hot air balloon damaged, can be repaired, but this area will be forever weakened. The one who has had a painful experience remains marked, and will put everything in place to do not go through this again. Only this “place” often comes down to mistrust.

Regardless of the path leading to this mistrust, it comes out to find the meaning and therefore the efficiency.

A Serious game to (re-)gain the trust

To move from theories to practical solutions, I offer you the Serious game ” Pitch “. Developed by Gilles Le Cardinal, this game is based on the notion that, in the face of a project, we have in us : fears, attractions, temptations (PAT).

By deepening each of these points, we end up with recommendations.

In fact, who says fears, ” said danger. And to avoid the danger, we will put in place precautions.

That said lures, said goals and objectives. And to achieve these goals, we will put in place resources and strategies.

That said temptations, says the risk of breaking any value. And in order for a value to be respected, we’re going to put in place good practices.

All the precautions, means and strategy, and best practices, are recommendations.

Let’s take the example of a company that wants to manufacture a new product. For this, the team “quality” must cooperate with the team ” management costs “.

During the Serious game, we will ask them to write their PAT ” possible “. They will also have to imagine the PAT “possible” from the other team and write them down.

The attraction is mutual : the two teams have a great interest in the product to be manufactured.

The team “cost management” will be afraid that the finished product is too expensive, and will be tempted to block the control of raw material quality.

Conversely the team “quality” will be afraid that the product does not conform to the expectations and will be attempted by the surqualité.

The first step, which leads to the PAT, is individual. The following steps, which allow to deepen, and to arrive at the recommendations are the result of joint work.

The components of the success

Many of the levers behind the success of this Serious game :

• Bring people together who have divergent interests and a common goal ;

• Promote empathy by imagining the “potential” of the other ;

• Lead to recommendations, collecting the buy-in of all. since they have created themselves.

And especially fun because of the laughs arise in the course of this Serious game ! They bear witness to the only point on which we must be vigilant : the ” pleasure of working together “.

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